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The radio star

Karachi based Munizeh Sanai quite literally rocks my world. In addition to hosting her own daily drive time show, she’s also runs an entire radio station. Yup, she’s the General Manager of Pakistan’s City FM 89, which is hands-down the country’s best music station (bestness as measured by my incredibly scientific broadcasting quality metrics).

Last time I was in Karachi, we spent an amazing Sunday together, discovering where colonial statues go to die, zoning out in the sunday book market and wandering round the christian graveyard at dusk, (where the bodies were rather less buried than we would have liked). Ladies and gentlepeople, I present to you, the one, the only… Munizeh Sanai…

THE LESSON: They say that babies only grow when they’re sleeping. I learnt this year that grown ups only grow when they take their time out. When you realize that you can’t be good at everything all of the time and the only way to be really good at some things some of the time and the only way to really move forward is when you once in a while stop and do nothing. Whether this is a daily half hour of mindful meditation or a once every six month getaway, the only way to survive and thrive in your reality is to leave it constantly.

THE QUESTION: In reference to life and living in Karachi, Pakistan – Are we amazingly resilient or completely delusional?

 THE INSPIRATION: This July, while in New York, I had the chance to see Sleep No More, an immersive theater experience produced by the British theater company Punch Drunk. To describe it in too much detail would be depriving someone who hasn’t seen it yet of one of the most essential elements that make it so riveting – surprise. But I can say that the 4 hours that I spent checked in to The McKitterick Hotel were transcendental. My understanding of reality was left compromised or rather, shifted in a way that no drugs could ever manage. I was thrilled with the human imagination, blown away by our bodily strength and mental focus, turned on by our openness to experience and in love with a man with a moustache who may or may not have been Macbeth. The fact that we are capable of creating such an overwhelming and rich emotional and physical experience has had me lost in a world of dreamy possibility ever since.

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